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Radial force measurement and stent crimping

Data Sheet

Radial Compression & Stent Crimping

Radial Compression Measurement-RCM-60-WB and Radial Compression Measurement-RCM-TT Series and Hand Crimper CR60M and Stent Crimper-CR-HC
Balloon single wall thickness measurement

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Balloon Geometry Testing

Balloon Geometry Testing, VBT-63-BT5 Series and VBT-LS-RT Series
Balloon pleating and folding Marker band swaging

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Pleating, IT & Bonding Tools & Marker Positioning & Swaging

Pleating & IT Tools: PT Series & PTF Series. Marker Positioning & Swaging: VCT-EX Series. Bonding Tools: BS-N Series (Single Heated Die Bonder) & BT-N Series (Triple Cavity Heated Die Bonder).